Not a Mud Turtle Pie

11 thoughts on “Not a Mud Turtle Pie”

  1. You couldn’t be more correct. The pie filling was completely decadent and I was swooning over it…and then…I poured the chocolate on it. OOhhhhhhh. Not. One of those situations where I wished my real time was on Time Machine, or on some back up device because I just wanted to wheel back time and remove the chocolate almost as soon as I poured it on. Yum on the whiskey, all the way. Good idea and good post.


    1. Thanks Kimberlie! I’m so glad I’m not alone on this one! I asked my husband whether I should have bothered with the chocolate ganache and he was adamant that I not mess with “his” pie.


  2. Luscious looking pie! Actually the mix of nuts, increased filling and whisky sounds like a great idea. I’ve been toying with the idea of adding Kahlua as I did with the Frozen Pecan Tartlettes we made. I’m glad you mentioned toasting the pecans. After seeing your pie I think I will save the ganache and let people choose if they want any poured over the top.


  3. you know I had the same though of just leaving the pie alone with the pecan, in did the house was so fragrant and made my belly even more craving for a bite, a whiskey ,,,mmm make for more flavorful pie! great job.


  4. Yours is not a mud turtle pie but a mud tortoise pie la…minus the chocolate.. close cousin of the mud turtle pie.. LOL! Looks delicious nonetheless! I thought this pie would be extremely sweet and I am surprised you like it..since I assumed you didn’t like too sweet stuff?


  5. Can I be different and urge you to try it with the chocolate. It was a real surprise to me how delicious it was and although sweet, not unbearably sickly. (Which is how I think of pecan pie generally).


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