The Baking Bible’s Pepparkakors for the Alpha Bakers

11 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s Pepparkakors for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. Fabulous shortcuts! This would be so fun with kids at the holidays making them this way. I was wondering about switching up the spices and adding cardamom and golden syrup as well. I’m wondering how they would bake if not flattened, maybe a more cake-y interior? Think I shall try. Coffee tampers are handy for so many things; will have to make note to use when cookies need flattening.


  2. Too kind! Not brilliant but extremely lazy/busy this week! The ambient temperature in here is about 21C, not too warm nor cold. I was surprised at how easy they were to shape into rounds, no melting, no mis-behaving at all! For me it was either doing this shortcut or not making them at all because of time constraints; I’m glad I chose to make them!


  3. Milagritos, what a great job you did! I love these cookies, especially the spicy version. I’m going to make them often. I think they would make wonderful Christmas gifts! Stop by and see my blog post if you get a chance.


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