The Baking Bible’s Stilton Cheesecakes for the Alpha Bakers

8 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s Stilton Cheesecakes for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. Looks thick and smooth! I like your little boy’s comment .. ‘little bit not nice’. 🙂 It’s a very polite way… You like blue-cheese to begin with right? That’s why you liked the Stilton ice-cream?


    1. Thanks Faithy! Love the stuff. Not in huge mouthfuls but I do enjoy nibbling on it. Too much and I get nauseous 😦


  2. Thanks for telling us about your great dinner and the history of “little bit not nice.” Rick and I have this saying “no poutine for you!” said in this choppy truck driver French/Japanese Samurai accent. It means little bit not nice. Poutine is a Quebec tradition whereby you pour hot brown gravy all over french fries, and cheese curds. Personally, I run the other way, but people here crave it. Go figure. Happy you liked the blue cheese cheese cake. Me too.


  3. What a wonderful tip about using a fork for a different texture. Love “little bit not nice”! Blue cheese seems to be an either love/hate thing like coconut. Your cheesecakes look quite lovely. What a cute anniversary story!


    1. Thanks Vicki! The cheesecakes turned out very creamy and silky. I used to dislike blue cheese until I had a really good one!


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