The Baking Bible’s BlueRhu Pie for the Alpha Bakers

14 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s BlueRhu Pie for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. Looks delicious! I like how you substitute with other berries! My husband likes to hoard stuff too! But we have no excuse to hoard stuff because we have supermarkets at every corner and 24 hours supermarket also all within reach. Why did you have to stand up to type on computer?


  2. Hi Faithy, standing seems to suit me better. Standing and fidgeting feels better, even. You don’t need an excuse to hoard…sometimes it’s just about emotions. Glad we are not alone!


  3. Such a beautifully colored pie! There was just something about this rhubarb combination of Rose’s that made it irresistible. I’m so glad to know it works with all sorts of berries. And this filling is so delicious on it’s on, spooned over ice cream it was fantastic. I so love reading your posts. It reminds me when I got a very fun letter from a college friend on the other side of the world. You truly have a gift. Oh, for another piece of this long gone pie!


  4. Thank you, Vicki, it’s so comforting to know someone is reading my posts! I understand that feeling when you get a letter from someone far away and can’t wait to tear it open and read it. Too bad email doesn’t quite feel the same. I love the idea of pairing the pie filling with ice cream. Wasn’t it almost too easy to put together? Here’s to another piece of delicious pie!


  5. Your pie looks wonderful. I so enjoyed reading your post. You can buy butter in those quantities? Lucky you. What price do you pay per pound? And your husband’s hunter gatherer instincts are intact. Another good fortune. So nice to be baking with you.


    1. It’s great to be baking with you as well! The French butter is cultured and high in fat and about $3 per 250 grams. Not too bad for Australian standards. My husband just brought home 5 kilos of grapes…he’s so good at this game!


  6. I love that opening shot of the rhubarb on the bricks; so pretty! My husband and I long for a chest freezer so we can hoard food. I do like to have at least a couple pounds of butter in the freezer at all times. A rhubarb-mixed berry pie would be delicious. Your crust browned so nicely! Did you use turbinado for the sugar sprinkle?


  7. A couple of pounds? You are my butter sister! Yes, I used turbinado. I like it because it doesn’t melt in the oven and remains crunchy for a couple of days.


  8. Thanks for that, Patricia, good to know another butter lover! Just got another 2 kgs in case Sydney runs out of butter this weekend. Heading off to your post now.


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