The Baking Bible’s Lemon Jammies for the Alpha Bakers

16 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s Lemon Jammies for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. Your pictures are stunning! Charming cookies, indeed. They look so pretty with the scalloped edging. I imagine lemon curd made with eggs from your very own chickens is amazing. Do you have restless leg syndrome or just loads of energy? RLS has been in the news here the past few years.


    1. Thank you, Vicki! In regards to restless legs, I think I have both. Very annoying as I can’t sit nor stand for longer than 5 minutes without feeling uncomfortable. I feed my chickens a very healthy organic diet and the eggs reflect this. Gorgeous eggs!


      1. Chickens! Just saying chickens makes me smile! I’ll post some pictures next round. Thanks for asking, Faithy, and all the best with your rhubarb. I’m sure you’ll appreciate its flavour!


  2. I like your improvised sauce top cutter! So clever! Cookies look wonderful! I have a tiny dumpling rolling pin too! Oh..did you put that rhubarb photo for me to see? LOL! I was asking Catherine on FB – i bought 3 stalks of rhubarb at a supermarket (for $12!) and they were very long, bendy and not very red..on the pink side…and quite nice..only a bit tart. At the same time I also ordered some organic rhubarb which came in a week later and looks like your photo above. Red and hard and more tart and has bitter taste also. Do you know why? It is old and young rhubarb?


    1. Hi Faithy, sorry for the tardiness. It sounds like your first bunch came to you old. The organic bunch is exactly as it should be, tart, firm, straight, vibrant red stalks with fresh green leaves. You know? I did think about you when I took that picture! I’m glad you got yourself some rhubarb to play with.


      1. Thanks for explaining to me. I have never handled rhubarb before and was my first time. So I was wondering why such a difference in texture and look as well.


      2. Faithy, I forgot to mention that it is very easy overcook rhubarb. Don’t stir it too much, don’t cook it too long and you’ll be alright!


  3. Hi there! You know I get that your cookies were crispy on the soft side. Sounds like what the waitress would holler off to the kitchen in a diner–“Frank! Make those crispy on the soft-side, please!” I often long for a standing desk, and that topic, I suggest that you get a balance board. Your abs and hips will be tough and tight! Ha! I digress…happy you enjoyed the Jammies. I did too.

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    1. Ha! I wish for tight hips (or name any body part) but eating these jammies every afternoon didn’t help. Balance board? I’m onto it! You made me want to return to the States just to eat at a diner…I miss the hollering!


    1. Thanks, Michele, you are always too kind! If I could figure out easily how to create an About Me page in this particular blog style I’d be an even happier camper. One of these days…


  4. Love your blog format and the opening photo of the rhubarb. Great idea in marking your cookie centers. Your cookies look delicious! 🙂


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