The Baking Bible’s Polish Princess for the Alpha Bakers

16 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s Polish Princess for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. You have chickens! Love chickens. Roosters less (especially at 4am). Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon! Love Whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon (vodka less). As for the Polish Princess, it seems our cakes turned out very similar to each other. The difference is you really liked yours, and I found the butter cream too rich for me. I’d rather it be made with pudding. Anyway, enjoyed your post as always!


    1. Chickens are beautiful creatures, glad you like them! Too bad you didn’t like your cake but I agree, this cake was definitely rich and we could only have tiny slivers at at time and wondered if the whole creamy concoction could have been simplified. Unlike you, we ate ours, sliver by tiny sliver.


    1. Thanks Catherine! Of course, I forgot to mention that we don’t drink that much black tea and the ones we had on hand weren’t suitable for human consumption. Chai had to be it.


  2. You did such a great job of slicing your walnuts! That’s exactly how I envisioned mine, and very much not like they actually turned out. But, as you say, even the parts of the cake that aren’t aesthetically perfect are still delicious. (And yours looks aesthetically pleasing to me).


  3. Please wax on and on and on about your chickens and include pictures! I love chickens. My children had a pair twenty years ago and let me tell you, they were characters! Endlessly entertained us. Now, on to your cake! The flavor changes you made sound wonderful. And it looks more than fine.


    1. Vicki, it’s great to meet a fellow lover of chickens. They are beautiful things, and yes, their personalities are as distinct as ours!


  4. love how you replaced the vodka for whiskey, much more ‘warm’ flavor, and chai tea is my favorite type of tea. good job on that one too.


  5. Milagritos, such a lyrical name and such a cute blog–“Custard Guts!” And now we discover that you keep chickens too! Backyard flocks are very much in vogue here in North Carolina but we aren’t in on that trend! Anyway, love your cake, and I think you did a great job. I found it to be surprisingly light. I expected a very heavy dessert with all of that icing but it turned out to be much lighter than I thought. Small pieces–definitely, though! See you next week for the lemon jammies!


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