The Baking Bible’s Dattelkonfekt Date Meringues for the Alpha Bakers

10 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s Dattelkonfekt Date Meringues for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. They Look good! I didn’t know you can reduce sugar for meringues! I always thought that sugar is required in that amount to hold the shape or something. I didn’t really like mine…I don’t like the mushy. I think I should have tried with chinese red dates instead..


  2. Chinese red dates, I love them! I’ve been eating these confections all week but I’m still not convinced. The sweetness is starting to hurt. Yeah, I reduce the sugar in meringues at the expense of texture…I’m such a wimp.


  3. They were a bit like marshmallows huh? That kind of consistency. Milagritos, I think yours look so much better than mine. They seem to have more stuff in them, somehow. For once, I didn’t mind the sweetness, probably because of the texture. Generally though, I prefer my desserts less sweet whenever possible.


    1. Yeah, texture-wise they were spot on. I’m not sure mine look any better than yours but at least they looked better once baked.


  4. very nice post, I liked it that you used a whole almond rather the sliced. I was little skeptic about the sugar amount in the recipe but, didn’t want to change it. surprisingly it’s was just right.


  5. Milagritos, your post is so delightful! I so enjoy reading your comments and seeing your photos. I baked my cookies tonight and haven’t finished my blog post yet. They didn’t suit me as well as I had hoped. Oh well. Have a good week!


  6. I wonder why slivered almonds were specified since it’s just as easy to whiz whole almonds? I didn’t think of that when I was shopping – just followed the recipe like a robot. Your biscuits look like they have a good texture.


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