The Baking Bible’s Strawberry Shortcake Genoise for the Alpha Bakers

12 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s Strawberry Shortcake Genoise for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. Looks wonderful with your rhubarb compote! I really must visit you some day during rhubarb season! 🙂 Is it seasonal or all year around? I love how you created the cavity. I was waiting to read someone do that! And I love your step by step photos!


    1. Hi Faithy, I can send you gratuitous rhubarb shots all year long! Rhubarb’s colour both cooked and raw is gorgeous. Rhubarb is a spring and summer crop but markets here have them all the time. The cavity wasn’t actually difficult to make, it just required patience. I can’t wait to see your cake!


  2. I very much like the way you frosted the sides of the cake and your berries on top look so beautiful! Glad to know about the rhubarb. Really wanting to give it a try. I had to laugh over the genoise; we could be on a parallel universe. Luckily this recipe goes together easily.
    Your cut out indentation came out quite tidy. Mine was a wreck but luckily no one was the wiser with the fillings and berries.


  3. Hi Milagritos! Your dolled up strawberries look absolutely delicious and beautifully ripe. You made a clean cavity for them. I’m sure your cake was perfect there on the Easter table. Nice tutorial.


  4. Looks beautiful with the cream as decoration. When you said you crushed the strawberries by hand I thought of Jamie Oliver – he always squeezes and crushes things by hand. I think I must be a weakling because I don’t have much ‘squeeze’ power.


  5. You are not a weakling, I’m just so lazy that I’d rather crush them than get out my blender or food processor. They tasted great, though!


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