The Baking Bible’s Luxury Oatmeal Cookies for the Alpha Bakers

11 thoughts on “The Baking Bible’s Luxury Oatmeal Cookies for the Alpha Bakers”

  1. Wow, did you bake the granola longer? Your granola looks crisp..and very nice golden color. Mine was like very pale. I love the last photo, closeup cookie shot with broken bits !


    1. Hi Faithy, I had to raise the temperature to about 200C and leave it another ½ hour. It’s a delicious granola for breakfast, subtly sweet and crunchy…lovely bonus recipe.


  2. Yummmmm……macadamias! My favorite Mrs. Fields cookie is white chocolate chip with macadamia nuts. So doing it the next time with this recipe. Glad you substituted them! Your cookies and granola both look delicious. It is very hard to bake and take pictures at the same time, isn’t it? I’m so afraid I’ll drop the camera/phone into the dough.


    1. I also use my phone camera and glad I’m not alone on this one! I have to have my camera ready by my side as I cook otherwise I get into a trance and forget. The macadamias were really delicious in these cookies as they added a crunchy quality.


    1. I had to add macadamias as I have a massive tree in the backyard dropping nuts all day long. Macadamias in everything…for a while anyway!


    1. Hello Evilcakelady! That’ so interesting. Maybe my flour has lesser protein content than yours. They are really good cold, though, as their texture improves. I might try these with bread flour next time.


    1. Thanks Glori! Macadamia tree is so full right now that the ground is covered. My dogs fine them tasty as well which is not ideal for their teeth. We try to eat as many as possible but we are left with huge basketfuls each year.


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